Membership Application

Information about the membership process at Emmanuel, the Operating Bylaw, the Statement of Faith, and the Membership Covenant are available on our website. Please read these documents before proceeding with the application form. Also, please fill out the form for each individual, not as a couple. If you have any questions about membership, please contact Pastor Steve Paul at
The top two requirements for Membership are:
1. Are you trusting Jesus Christ alone as your Lord and Saviour and
2. Have you been baptized to publicly confess your personal trust and commitment to Jesus?
Emmanuel doesn't transfer membership from another church, but by indicating "yes" to the question below, and providing contact info, you are giving us permission to confirm that you were a member in good standing of your former church.
One of the expectations of a member is a commitment to gathering together regularly to worship God and to grow in obedience to His word. We encourage you to pursue membership after you have been regularly attending for at least 1 year.
Another expectation of a member is a commitment to share your spiritual gifts, to build up the Body and to further our God-given mission.
Another expectation of a member is that we reflect God's overwhelming grace to us in the way we give to bless others, and to resource our church's mission. While we affirm that details about giving are confidential, the habit itself demonstrates good spiritual health.
After you attend the membership class and complete this form, we will set up an interview with you and two Elders. It's an opportunity for you to get to know them and they you, and for you to ask questions. When couples are becoming members together, the Elders usually meet with you both at the same time. After a successful interview, your name is published in the bulletin for 2 weeks, for approval by the current members. If no concerns are raised, you will receive a letter welcoming you as a member of the church.